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August 27th

This wonderful coordination is actually a yukata!
I am feeling the combination of the soft heko-obi ribbon echoing the soft watercolor-like motif of the poppies on the yukata, and the hatpin in the obi echoing the pearl and bead necklace.The purples and brass color in the yukata are again repeated in the model’s hair ribbon (I am not sure about that 80’s color eyeshadow though..) and the softness of the forms is repeated. This yukata is fashion-forward (to use a Project Runway phrase) and really on point for 2014.
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August 26th
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August 25th
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August 25th
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August 25th

松島花 (Hana Matsushima): Oggi (at 檑亭)
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August 25th

full description on kimononagoya
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August 24th

Takasawa Keiichi 高沢圭一
Haregi 晴着 (Sunday best clothes) - 1970s
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August 24th

Modeling a formal kimono.  Japan